At a conference a few years ago, a colleague of mine gave us an assignment: Prepare a list of fifty Declarations that we absolutely know to be true.  As a marketing tool, each of these could then turn into a blog post, book chapter, or newsletter article. I add to my list regularly, and have found it incredibly useful as a way to capture my learning in a concise way. They also find their way into my workshop handouts.

Here’s my latest installment.

33. Medical science has yet to perfect the art of the personality transplant.
34. People can change their behavior, IF they have the motivation and the ability.
35. The environment (social, physical, structural) matters.
36. We always have choices.
37. “Downs” always know more about the “ups” than the “ups” know about the “downs.”
38. If you truly believe there ARE no “ups” and “downs” in your group, YOU are probably an “up.”
39. Accusing someone of an “ism” is less effective than describing the actions’ direct impact on you.
40. To a large degree, we are the stories we tell about ourselves.
41. Name it, frame it, claim it!
42. If you’re used to privilege, equality can feel like oppression.
43. Saying “I think everyone here agrees…” inhibits the participation of those in the room who DON’T agree.

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