Meetings and presentations are a necessary part of doing business; too often they are dry, boring, unfocused, or simply unproductive. Gain a strategic edge by sharing your vision and creatively engaging your audience using visual facilitation tools. Why rely on words and text for so much of our group work and communication when 75 percent of our brain is devoted to processing visuals? We can operate so much more fully and effectively by using both sides of our brain!

The relatively new field of graphic facilitation and visual problem-solving has recently been featured in Inc., the Wall Street Journal, and Harvard Business Review; Dan Roam’s Back of the Napkin was named the #1 creativity and innovation book of the year by Fast Company, BusinessWeek, and The Times of London.  At least one business school (AVT in Copenhagen) has integrated graphic recording into its MBA curriculum.

Other colleagues have been profiled in their local newspapers. Still, there are many folks who have never seen this work. I’d love to change that! I’m actively seeking smaller, local media outlets willing to run a piece by – or about – me and graphic facilitation. (If you have connections, call me!) If you’d like to learn more about how YOU can incorporate visual thinking into your work life, check out my upcoming workshop at Sonoma State University.