Don’t hire me…if keeping costs down is your primary concern.

My rates aren’t the highest in the industry, but they’re not the lowest either. I bid by the project or event rather than by the hour so that we can focus on meeting your goals, not niggling on how many hours each component takes.

Don’t hire me…if you aren’t really committed to making change.

 If you just want a symbolic, feel-good, “Kumbaya” session that doesn’t really alter how your team works together, I’m not your gal.

Don’t hire me…if you aren’t open to the unexpected.

I work with the energy that shows up in the room. I will design your workshop or meeting so as to best meet your objectives…but sometimes strange and wonderful and even scary stuff shows up that surpasses your wildest dreams!

Don’t hire me…unless you are open to creative messiness.

The best creative thinking does NOT process in a straight line. I may show up with toys and art supplies and exercises that seem silly or irrelevant, but are designed to spark those dusty, unused recesses in your mind that contain brilliance of which you are unaware.