Quick doodle based on this morning’s run.

I love running in the dark. I love being the only woman awake, watching the day emerge.

As I approached the park, I saw an unleashed dog alert to my presence. I have been chased by an unleashed dog in this very park before – perhaps this very dog? I hollered, “Is there a human being out there who belongs to this dog?” When the dog’s owner replied in the affirmative, I asked him to hold the dog so I could run past without being chased…to which he replied, “Don’t worry, he’s friendly!”

This image popped into my head. I’ve known too many people who were chased or bitten by a dog the owner assured everyone was “friendly.” Alone in the dark, I can’t afford to trust this.

He held the dog, I finished my run, and got my day’s art project out of it.