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>Don’t Work At It, Play With It!

By: Eris Weaver | Date: March 3, 2010 | Categories: Uncategorized

>One of my favorite recent reads is Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project. She embarked on a year-long quest to become a happier person. As I am a sometimes snarky, often irritated, highly critical person, the idea of instigating a similar project for myself was somewhat appealing. (It was especially appealing to my wife!) So I have […]


By: Eris Weaver | Date: October 2, 2009 | Categories: Uncategorized

>Whether you are an entrepreneur promoting your business or an activist promoting a cause, success depends upon the ability to present your message with confidence and ease. Memorizing speeches or preparing PowerPoint slides can only take you so far. When you run into a potential lead or client in an unexpected place and time, you […]


By: Eris Weaver | Date: September 23, 2009 | Categories: Uncategorized

>Whenever I give a talk – even just a 30-second elevator speech – folks ask me how I got so comfortable with public speaking. They ask if I can recommend a class in public speaking, or if they should join Toastmasters. What I tell them is that improvisation classes are what did it for me. […]

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