"Eris was instrumental in the success of our most recent manager's offsite session. She smoothed out the agenda planning process, kept the conversation on track during the session, and brought some much needed external insight to our program. We would definitely work with her again!"

-- Mimi Calter, Chief of Staff, Stanford University Libraries

"Whenever I need clear, concise direction for conflict resolution I call Eris. Her depth of knowledge, compassion and clarity guides me to the highest outcome, every time. Eris has been the key note speaker at my women’s networking organization and always receives rave reviews. She provides practical steps that can be easily implemented to enhance each person’s life and business."

-- Karen Halseth, President, Connections: A Forum for Women in Business

“Eris has done a fantastic job for us at CoHousing Partners: developing curriculum, training, facilitating and trouble shooting. She knows the discipline of organizational development, does her homework before every engagement, and is extremely reliable. Through it all, she also manages to keep our groups entertained. She is a great person to call whether you need crisis intervention or already have a healthy group and are looking to take it to the next level.”

-- Rick Mockler, Vice President, CoHousing Partners LLC

"Eris is excellent -- she is strong, funny, smart, and not afraid to call people on their bullshit, if needed. She is intrepid. I don't think that conflict bothers her much, if at all."

-- Sally Wright, Pleasant Hill Cohousing


"Eris’ graphic recording brought such vitality to our board retreat that to go without them would be like returning to black and white T.V. "

-- Roberta Ryan, Business Coach

"Your work was extraordinary! You seem to have a natural gift for visual thinking!"

-- Cheryl Kartes,Graphic Recorder & ToP Mentor Trainer