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By: Eris Weaver | Date: March 26, 2012 | Categories: Meetings & Facilitation

My last post looked at a variety of methods for closing a meeting.  Now let’s take a look at openings. As meeting participants arrive, they bring with them the remnants of whatever they were doing or thinking about before they walked in the room. Each person needs to make a shift in focus, and how […]

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All’s Well That Ends Well

By: Eris Weaver | Date: March 9, 2012 | Categories: Meetings & Facilitation

Research indicates that our memory of an event or transaction tends to be colored by our experience of its ending. If the event was challenging, difficult, or boring, but wrapped up with a satisfying conclusion, we will come away with a more positive memory than if it was good in the beginning but ended poorly. […]

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As a facilitator, I am always pushing my clients to put announcements and reports into a memo and reserve their F2F meeting time for the things that people in groups do best: generate ideas, make decisions, solve problems, plan strategy. So I am always interested in new methods for ideation and problem-solving. Daniel Pink’s blog […]

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