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Many of our resolutions, personal or professional, are about things that we’d like to DO. Some are about things we want to STOP doing. I rather like this little piece by Jeff Haden at Inc. on ten things to stop doing in order to be happier at work: blaming, impressing, clinging, interrupting, whining, controlling, criticizing, […]

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There are many ways to influence people’s behavior, and the best strategy is to incorporate multiple pathways. In order to change, people must have both the motivation and the ability to do so. Social and environmental factors are often overlooked. One of my favorite books on creating change within an organization is  Influencer: The Power […]

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  Sylvia Lafair’s November newsletter used a great metaphor for dealing with consequences: gravity. If you sit under an apple tree, an apple might fall on your head. The apple wasn’t out to get you. The apple doesn’t wish you ill. The apple isn’t sorry it hit you. The apple isn’t mean. The apple just […]

I live in a cohousing community and work with many others as a facilitator, trainer, and consultant. The most common issue for which communities hire me has to do with work – or more accurately, how to get members who aren’t doing their agreed-upon share of the work to get with the program. What is […]