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I spent several hours over the past two days listening to a webinar that was not particularly visual. To keep my mind focused, I doodled. (Studies show that doodling helps improve concentration and comprehension.) Here’s the result: the final doodle, and the results after playing around with special effects in my editing software. I think […]

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A couple years ago I stumbled on Leah Piken Kolidas’ art  blog. She’s created a month long creativity challenge, declaring November Art Every Day Month. Participants are invited to create art every day and share it with the rest of the community. In the past my participation has been somewhat sporadic (see my past entries […]

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I’ve written before about my Year of New Things, and the transformative effect it has been having on my daily life. This summer, I went to Europe for the first time: six weeks of new countries, new cities, new food, new languages, new money, new transportation systems. I had a blast! When I got home […]

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about listening. I’ve realized that in so many of the communication trainings that I have been involved in focus more on how to express yourself than on how to listen. Even when we trainers give lip service to the importance of listening over speaking,  our practice exercises and examples […]

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At a recent meeting, I was reminded how hard it can be to separate the quality of an idea or the validity of a fact from the popularity or authority of the person expressing it. Have you ever suggested something at work and been pooh-poohed, only to have someone ELSE suggest the same damn thing…and […]

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