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Today I read through several days worth of Leah’s Art Every Day Month Survival Guide, and combined several prompts into today’s art session: 1. Finish, or recycle, abandoned pieces: I cut up old some inkblot portraits that I’d never been happy with so that they were completely unrecognizable. 2. Work small: These are all 3″ […]

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This morning, I got all pissy that the ONE car parked in my building’s lot was RIGHT in front of MY office door, where I typically park. “How rude! They can’t go in my door, they have to walk around to the front or the back of the building anyway, why park in MY spot […]

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AEDM Day 8: Playing With Texture

By: Eris Weaver | Date: November 8, 2015 | Categories: Art, Play, and Creativity

iPad fingerpaintings, playing with textures

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Our annual women’s retreat at the coast allows lots of time for drawing, and interesting things to look at. The inspiration for these doodles: the decor of our rental house; a driftwood sculture; beach boulders full of holes.

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Chillin’ at the coast with my girlfriends on our annual women’s retreat. Pitt artist pens.

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AEDM Day 5: YES!bots

By: Eris Weaver | Date: November 5, 2015 | Categories: Art, Play, and Creativity

  Awhile back, my pal Gina turned me on to the work of Portland, Oregon artist Gary Hirsch, the creator of JoyBots – “A tiny (and sometimes giant) robot army programmed to bring you joy.” Hirsch’s bots are tiny talismans painted on the back of dominos. They can be left in random places for people […]

  On my long runs, I see lots of interesting objects on the trail or side of the road, and I wonder about the stories behind them. I save a list of them in my head with the intention of drawing them when I get home, but I never do. I also contemplate writing a […]

Sometimes when we think about art and creativity we imagine that it takes a huge amount of time and materials, when really it is often about expanding the way we look at things and using everyday items in a different way. Today’s “creativity moment” literally took five minutes. However, I couldn’t have done this in […]

Every year I participate in an online challenge called Art Every Day Month. (More info here.) Here’s today’s piece.   I was planning to go to a Día de los Muertos celebration with some friends today, and was thinking about my dear grandmother Nellie who died a few months ago as I doodled this calavera. […]

Don’t hire me…if keeping costs down is your primary concern. My rates aren’t the highest in the industry, but they’re not the lowest either. I bid by the project or event rather than by the hour so that we can focus on meeting your goals, not niggling on how many hours each component takes. Don’t […]

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