By: Eris Weaver | Date: October 2, 2009 | Categories: Uncategorized

>Whether you are an entrepreneur promoting your business or an activist promoting a cause, success depends upon the ability to present your message with confidence and ease.

Memorizing speeches or preparing PowerPoint slides can only take you so far. When you run into a potential lead or client in an unexpected place and time, you have to be able to wing it!

Improvisation can help you

* Re-connect your mind with your body
* Feel calmer under stress
* Free up your voice and project more effectively
* Communicate your passion more easily
* Increase your confidence when speaking in a group
* Break down the divide between work and play
* Stop worrying about being “right” or “perfect” or “good enough”

Plus, it’s FUN!

In addition to improvisation games and exercises, this three-week workshop will include before-and-after videos and homework assignments designed to help you hone your message and deliver it clearly and effectively, anywhere, anytime!

Tuesdays Nov. 3, 10, 17, from 7:00 – 9:30 pm in Cotati. $125

Register online or email me for more info.