Sometimes we make resolutions…and sometimes they come to us. The universe gave me a big one this weekend.

I went for a long run on a pretty vigorous mountain trail  Saturday. I was having a ball! Gorgeous weather, lovely views, beautiful scenery, occasional glimpses of wildlife.

When running on a rocky trail, it’s a good idea to Pay Attention to the path instead of the scenery…about six miles in I stumbled on a rock and crashed, taking the bulk of the hit with my knees and shin. I painfully jogged the remaining two miles with blood oozing down my legs.

 Pay Attention to what’s around you.

Yesterday I went to yoga, and had to modify or simply eliminate poses that involved my shins touching the mat. In addition to modifying my movements to avoid pain, I had to monitor my thinking. While yoga is not supposed to be competitive, I can get too focused on how “well” I accomplish each asana…so I got to practice letting go of this.

Pay Attention to what’s inside you.

When I ran this morning, I was acutely aware of  each footstrike: I had to land extremely lightly to avoid pain.

Pay Attention to how you move through the world.


on the phone

on the freeway

in the front of the boardroom

in the front of the classroom

across the dinner table

at the bedside